DMP Photo Booth: To The Test

It’s been a long year leading up to this, but last week DMP Photo Booth saw its first time out in the wild.

Last weekend my fiancée had her bachelorette party. Since it was No Boys Allowed, I wouldn’t be able to babysit the Photo Booth. Luckily for me the event went off largely without issue.


I spent the week leading up to the event writing documentation. Channeling my past life as an IT professional, I wrote up an HTML page documenting the use of the Photo Booth and some common issues. This documentation will probably get uploaded to either this site or github soon. I need to strip out some stuff specifically relating to my computer first.

After that and a quick walkthrough the night before, it was go time. As the appointed hour arrived, I watched my phone for calls. The good news is that none came. The Photo Booth performed as advertised, with only a few minor difficulties caused by my computer. The only issue with the actual Photo Booth itself that was reported to me is that there is a slight delay between a picture being taken and the trigger counting down. An issue has been opened against this in Github.

The final stretch is here now. The wedding is on the 21st, and the Photo Booth must be complete by then. Honestly, if the day were tomorrow I’d be confident the Photo Booth would work. However, there is always room for polish. There remains bugs to be squashed, documentation to be finalized, and packaging to be done.

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