DMP Photo Booth: Beta 1

Today has been another milestone for DMP Photo Booth. Today, DMP Photo Booth is feature complete. It’s amazing when after months of work, things can come together all at once. It’s been quite a week for me; in the space of one week, I completed the UI, implemented the photo strip logic, implemented the configuration, and put all the pieces together to make a unified whole.


It almost looks like a professional application too, if I do say so myself. And it all works too. All the buttons do what they say. The indicators at the bottom function. The console queue displays messages as they appear. The photo strip history displays images as they appear. If you wanted to (assuming you have modules of your own ready), you could download it right now and be ready to go. All you need to do is delete a few debugging statements, build it, and you’re off to the races!

The Roadmap

So, what’s next you ask? I plan to implement the modules next. First up is the trigger module. As it stands, a test strip is created when you click start, but with a trigger module ready to go, there would be no need for that. Starting tomorrow I plan to begin building my trigger and implementing the firmware. Expect to see more posts on Learning to Arduino over the next few months as I solder my way to greatness!

5 responses to “DMP Photo Booth: Beta 1”

  1. Fabien ARCHAMBAULT says :

    This is exactly the type of application I am looking for my wedding in May 2014. I will try it! Is there any possibility to give compilation instructions and dependencies?


  2. Chris says :

    Congrats on the wedding! Mine’s in June so I’m not far behind you!

    Dependencies for the core are GLib, GTK+3, and ImageMagick. All three of these are available in the repositories for Ubuntu. All three of these libraries are cross platform so they should be avialable for Windows and Mac also.

    As for compiliation instructions, it should be as simple as cloning the git repository: and calling make. The build script places the executable in a different folder than the supporting files, but you can just copy the executable back to the dmp_photo_booth root and it’ll work fine. These sorts of issues will get worked out before version 1.0

    All that said, the modules aren’t done yet, so unless you made your own trigger, printer, and camera modules the photo booth doesn’t do much. I’m going to be working on churning those out over the next couple months so they should be ready long before May!


  3. Fabien ARCHAMBAULT says :

    Thanks for your reply and congrats also!
    I am using Fedora 19 and I have seen that I need imagemagick-devel and gtk3-devel.
    I have done:
    $ git clone
    $ cd dmp-photo-booth
    $ cd dmp_photo_booth
    $ make

    Perhaps I have to do the make from the root folder?
    Thanks again for your promising software!


  4. Chris says :

    You are doing the build right. I just tried to duplicate your steps and did run into a few problems.

    First, it’s going to fail to open the config file. from the dmp_photo_booth directory do touch dmp_photo_booth.rc

    The photo booth should re-create default entries, but it will fail if it can’t find the file.

    Second, make sure you are trying to launch the program from the dmp_photo_booth directory. Launch it using ./dist/Debug/[PLATFORM]/dmp_photo_booth

    [PLATFORM] will probably be GNU-Linux-x86, but regardless there should only be one.

    After the UI is up, it’ll throw 3 errors about not being able to find modules. There are test modules in the dmp_photo_booth folder that you can load. They don’t really do anything, but they’ll load and everything will go green.

    Thanks for acting as a second set of eyes for me on this! I’ll get these issues resolved soon. Let me know if you have any other problems getting it going.


  5. Chris says :

    I just pushed a change for the dmp_photo_booth.rc. If you pull down the new changes the file should be created if it does not exist.


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